List of books and DVDs used while working on my projects:

  • A~Z of Embroidery Stitches from the publishers of Inspirations Magazine, ISBN 0 646 32002 5
    A complete manual for the beginner through to the advanced embroiderer. More than 1300 step-by-step colour photographs of every stitch you will ever need.
  • Crewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs by Trish Burr, Milner Craft Series, ISBN 978-1-86351-377-7
    Materials, techniques, tips, stitch glossary and projects for all levels.
  • French Knot Pictures by Christine Harris, Milner Craft Series, ISBN 1-86351-235-7
    The book contains 10 miniature scenes (nature) with very good instructions.
  • Jean Hilton’s Borderlines by Jean Hilton, Self published.
    The b0ok contains 152 pages and was published in 1994.
  • Jean Hilton’s Needlepoint Stitches by Jean Hilton, Self published.
    This book has 64 pages and was published in 1988 with many additional printings.
  • Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches by Jean Hilton, Self published.
    This book has 58 pages and was published in 1992.
  • Long and Short Stitch Embroidery: A Collection of Flowers by Trish Burr, Milner Craft Series, ISBN-13 978-1-86351-352-4 & ISBN-10 1-86351-352-3
    Materials, techniques, tips, stitch glossary and projects for all levels.
  • Redouté’s Finest Flowers in Embroidery by Trish Burr, Milner Craft Series, ISBN 186351293-4
    Materials, techniques, tips, stitch glossary and projects for all levels.
  • The Long & the Short of it: A Needle Painting Workshop with Trish Burr, DVD
    This DVD has two discs. The first one is called Demonstrations which is a tutorial for materials, preparation & color, Basic long & short stitch, Long & short stitch for curved shapes, Long & short stitch for five different shapes, Fur & feathers.
    The second disc is called Projects and contains 7 projects plus step by step instructions, Materials, preparation & sources and Stitch Glossary.

13 Responses to Library

  1. Terry says:

    Great idea to have a library section and knowing your vast library will keep you busy for years to come to include them all with some details and comments about them all

    Lovely to see my Twilight Angel on your sidebar, she is also my guardian angel and looks after me, and for anybody who does not know Pierrette made me a beautiful guardian angel when I had to go into hospital a few years ago for an operation and she looked after me and then some rotten rat stole my purse and I lost her forever and Twilight Angel was made especially for me to replace her, however she is framed and hanging on my wall as too big to fit in any purse


    • Thanks, Terry, for your lovely comments.

      I enjoyed making both angels for you and we just never know maybe one of these days I will make another small one for you to carry in your purse (smiling)

      Pierrette =^..^=

  2. roome100 says:

    Dear Pierrette
    My name is Eleanor (El) and I am also part of the stitching course with Trish and have been avidly reading your blog and looking at your projects – I especially liked the little jewellery box and as for the Dodecagon ornaments I thought they were just amazing. I have to say much as I liked the little ornaments on his site I do prefer the framed ones you have done and at least they are kept pristine behind glass – would luv to try one at some stage but at the moment I have other things I have to finish. I am so looking forward to the class and I live on the Isle of Man, an island off the west coat of the UK and it is a real wasteland when it comes to embroidery. I did try joining the embroiderers guild but found that to be very disapponting so have just had to carry along on, on my own but am hoping that this course will help. I lived in SA for many years and we were transferred here with my husband’s job and I am so sorry not to be able to take advantage of the wonderful resources we did have there now that the children are out of the house and I have a little more time to do this sort of thing. I just hope I can grasp the concept. I have to say I went to my DMC threads as I, like you, have the full range (having given my friend in SA who had all her materials stolen all my anchor ones!) and felt it was a chance to use them as I could never use all of it ….. ever! I am not at all blog aufait so I am finding it quite hard to get to grips with it but was so glad of your help on yours and will study it a bit more. Will hope to converse with you during the course. On the subject of post – I got an xmas card from a friend in SA this week!!! I just hope Trish’s parcel does not take that long! Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Eleanor,

      The first thing I thought when you mentioned that you are living on the Isle of Man was Mark Cavendish and the Tour de France (cyclism). Both my husband and I are big fans.

      Since you have given away your Anchor threads to your friend, will you be stitching this project with DMC or will you be purchasing some Anchor ones?

      I have no doubt that we will have plenty of opportunities to converse during this six months class and get to know each other better.

      And about the post, I sure hope that they will arrive in a timely fashion. We will soon find out about that 🙂

      Pierrette =^..^=

  3. roome100 says:

    Dear Pierrette
    Great to hear from you – yes Mark is quite a star but I have to say I am not too keen a sport fan although we hear of him often when he wins which is great for our little island. I’m afraid I have gone for the DMC route for now I think as I feel I have so much thread of different kinds that to buy into yet another type would be a bit much – this is not to say I could change my mind! I have to say I could now kick myself for getting rid of all the anchor ones I had but I saw a friend in need and felt it went to a good place especially as I had all the DMC’s. I did however send for that french knot book – I just love that and will hopefully have it in a few days. I have done a few with lots of french knots and it is very satisfying – will await the progress on your pergola! I am spending my time at the moment catching up on UFO’s and as I am also a quilter I am now off to finish off a runner I have been working on. Have a great day – weather very dull and cold here so the sewing room is the place to be.
    All the best

  4. So, you are a quilter. Never done any quilting so far.

    Well, first of all, I would need to get myself a new sewing machine as the old one is not working properly and have never liked it.

    I am now in the market for a new sewing machine so that I can do lots of different things and also do a bit of finishing on my projects. Right now, I have to do everything by hand.

    So, I will soon have to hit the stores and see what they have that would fit the bill.

    Have fun with finishing some of your UFOs.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  5. roome100 says:

    Dear Pierette
    I received my course stuff yesterday so have had a look and just hope I can get this right – have you got yours yet? Yes I am almost finished a quilted runner and I am also making a quilt for one of my grandchildren so would like to get all those things finished and tidied away before starting the course but that may not be possible. I have a couple of machines – my favourite being an old Elna 7000 which I use in preference to the other which is a Bernina 185 which I can embroider with too. I also have an overlocker which a very useful piece of equipment if you sew quite a bit. Sometimes the answer is to go for something not too complicated as the ones with all the bells and whistles have more things to go wrong and if it is just for the odd bit of stitching it could be enough. Quilting is a great hobby and accuracy is the key to success as with most things! Have a good weekend as it is just round the corner.
    All the best

    • No, I have not received my stuff yet for the class.

      I think that watching Trish’s DVD is a key ingredient in getting this right, plus all the information that she will give us in class and practice, practice and more practice should get us there. We have a bit of work in our hands before we can become as good as Trish is (grinning)

      I am thinking about a sewing machine that is middle of the range and there are lots of different brands out there to choose from. I know that I will have to make many trips to different distributors and see what they have before I can make up my mind. Need to do that soon as the sooner I make a decision, the sooner I will have it home with me and do stuff with it.

      The weather is really really nice today, should be around 75 degrees farenheit and more of the same in the coming days. Later this afternoon, I will grab a couple of stitching magazines and go sit outside for a little while. That will be nice.

      Have a great weekend too!

      Pierrette =^..^=

  6. Eleanor Roome says:

    Dear Pierrette
    Sorry have not been online for a bit but have had a busy time trying to get those UFO’s finished and have finished the 3rd one now and it will be off to the framer tomorrow. Sat and tried to begin the Trish project but was unhappy with the result so pulled it out – TWICE!! Thought I had better leave it and perhaps do some little practise pieces first and went to do some beading instead which turned out well. I did break down and buy the Anchor threads and I have to say I did check out a couple of them and there are colour differences so perhaps it was wise to buy them. I have been checking out your project and it is just fab which led me on to all sorts of other avenues on your blog like Berlin Designs – beautiful stuff – I can see I could really use up a lot of time trawling all your suggestions. I admire the fact that you are tackling two online projects – not sure I would have the time for that and I can see I am already struggling to get it right to a point that I am happy with it but I will keep trying. Have got a few projects completed which leaves me opportunity to get on with this one now. Will be interested to hear how you are getting on. Weather improving here with a bit more sunshine but it is still very cold but with the clock change over the weekend now means we are officially into summertime whatever that means because it aint warmth! Enjoy your projects and I will avidly watch this one which looks wonderful.

    • Hi Eleonor,

      I am so glad for you that you have managed to finish some UFOs. I got quite a few of those myself to tackle and hopefully finish one of these days.

      I have not yet started to work on Trish’s project as I have decided to do as much work as I can on some already started ones before the official starting date which seems to have changed to around April 3rd or 4th, when Trish is back home from her vacation.

      It is a good idea of practicing on some samples before to get some idea of how the different rows fit into each section, like how long exactly should the first row of stitches be and each successive row so that they fit just right inside the space available in each section.

      What I normally do when I hit a wall with a project or just not happy with something is to put it away just for a little while and think about possible solutions during that time. Most often when I go back to it, I have the solution to whatever my problem was and things go right. Taking a little distance often helps me see things more clearly.

      I am putting lots of hours on Anasazi Dream as I would like to finish that project in the coming days since I find myself in the mood for it, might as well go for it. After that, I can go back to my other projects and also start working on those two new cyberclasses.

      As for the weather, it has not improved much today. A bit of sun late this afternoon, but more rain predicted for tomorrow 😦

      One good thing about rain is that it removes all temptations of me spending time in the garden and thus add to my stitching time inside (smiling)

      How long before you complete a fourth UFO?

      Have fun stitching!

      Pierrette =^..^=

  7. Eleanor Roome says:

    Dear Pierrette
    Dull and drizzly here today but have to go out just now to see my daughter Claire – she will have her second baby on the 8th April so we are doing a few things together before then. Put the last completed UFO in to be framed yesterday so will be seeing my soul to the frame shop this month! Was amazed to find you taking two on line classes – well done – I don’t think I will have time for more than one. Will be tracing up some shapes today to try to solve my starting the project problem so will see how that transpires. I just luv your Anasazi dream project – it looks brilliant and am keen to try the Princess and the Pea so will be contacting Marion soon on that. Have a happy day and I always remember someone saying to me when we moved to this very rainy island that you should never let the weather stop you from doing what you want to do and I try to keep this in mind but I do hate the rain and prefer to be in on those days!

  8. Hi El,

    Well, more rain here today too and more predicted for tomorrow. It is also rather cold. So glad to have my stitching to keep me happily busy.

    April 8! Well it won’t be long now before you have a new addition in the family.

    Those two online classes will be quite different though and we normally have quite a bit of time to do our work before the next lesson.

    I am almost done with Anasazi Dream. If all goes according to plans, it will be completed by tomorrow and then I will start concentrating on both classes more intensively.

    You will love stitching The Princess and the Pea and Marion Scoular’s instructions are very good but if you need help, just ask. It has been a while since I stitched it but I still have my book so I should be ok if you need to know something. There are also lots of photos of each section on my other blog so that should help you along too.

    Well, better go back to my stitching if I want to get this done by tomorrow and I really want it too 🙂

    Bye for now,

    Pierrette =^..^=

  9. Eleanor Roome says:

    Dear Pierrette
    Sorry it has been such a long time since I contacted you – my daughter Claire had another little boy, Benjamin Thomas, on 6 April and she is finding it fairly hard going with the two little ones now but that will pass. We will be going up there tonight as it is her birthday – how the years fly by. Leon was then in hospital and his operation is over and he is doing really well then the course work….. it is coming along and am at the lantern stage then the bird and it is done. I have not found it that easy but it does get easier the more you do it. I got my package from Marion and it is much bigger than I had anticipated and I will get to it once I have got the course work under my belt – I am feeling the need to finish one thing at a time at the moment. How are you doing with your course work – I read on the blog that some are actually finished already which is amazing. With all that was going on I was a bit late in starting and it would be great to see the one that had such high praise – who was it that did so well – not a beginner like me that is for sure. Hope all is well your side – weather just awful this side – rain and gale force winds – we had some nice days in April so I suppose that is summer over! Poor Marion will have had poor weather for her trip over here.

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