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Jean Hilton’s Puzzle Purse design: Adaptation of the pattern for creating something other than the original project

I am sorry for taking so much time before coming back to my stitching. Reorganization ended up with a life of its own. My original intent degenerated into a real monstruosity and I am still not done, but a wonderful … Continue reading

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Trying to find my way around with WordPress blogging

Before I move on to my first project on this brand new blog, I would like to talk a bit about trying to find my way around here. By doing so, I am hoping that it will facilitate your finding things more easily too. Blogging with WordPress and … Continue reading

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Welcome to “My Stitching World”

Why am I starting another blog when I already have a photoblog called “Pierrette Stitching Gallery” and a photo album with Webshots?  Seems like a very legitimate question, right! Here is the main reason why. Though I like the fact that on … Continue reading

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