About me

My name is Pierrette and I am French Canadian and currently  residing in the United States.

I am interested in needlework in all its forms and can’t possibly live long enough to explore them all.

Photos of the different projects I have stitched throughout the years can be seen in the links below:

My other interests when I am not stiching something are:

  • Nature walk/hiking
  • Listening to music (classical and country are the ones I like best)
  • Reading mostly mysteries (been reading lots of mystery novels written by women lately)
  • Cooking – we have cooking books from all over the world and try new recipes all the time
  • Movies, documentaries & scientific programs
  • Traveling – visited lots of countries around the world and also where I live
  • Photography – I tend to look at most thing with a photographic eye
  • Piano – took some lessons but unfortunately did not continue with it

3 Responses to About me

  1. hildegardisolde says:

    Hi Pierrette
    This blog had me all confused and was I glad this morning as I read your blog with all the information on how this works.(I am not all that up to standard with computers and my english is not very good either.)
    I am Hildegard and I live in South Africa,in Kempton Park,it is near the O R Tambo Airport.
    I was able to do the little rose that is featured on the DVD of Trish as a class with her.Will show it on the blog as soon as I know more how to opperate this blog. What I was most impressed with her class is,is her use of color.So that is why I have gone to the extra expence to buy the anchor threads.For those in South Africa who wants to buy them and do not now where,you can buy them from ,www.daaftdesigns.co.za
    I will follow this blog everyday and give my input regulary.

    • Hi Hildegard,

      I am glad that I was able to help you find your way around with WordPress. This is a new experience for me too and thankfully had a bit of help setting things up. Lots more work to do before things are like I would like them to be.

      I think I have all the DMC floss threads myself but not so for the Anchor ones and like you I decided to do the extra expense and purchase them. Just got them yesterday by the way and will probably add a couple of photos on my blog later.

      Till later,

      Pierrette =^..^=

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi there, I live in the Uk and have just seen your beautiful Winter Frost stitching…can you tell me if this was a kit and is available anywhere to purchase. Many thanks. Wonderful work.

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