Jean Hilton’s Puzzle Purse design: Adaptation of the pattern for creating something other than the original project

I am sorry for taking so much time before coming back to my stitching. Reorganization ended up with a life of its own. My original intent degenerated into a real monstruosity and I am still not done, but a wonderful project came up and I just had to make time for it. I am so excited about it.

First of all, I need to say that I belong to the American Needlepoint Guild which is the national organization and also have a membership with their cyber group which is called CyberPointers.

Cyberpointers is a very active ANG cyber group and there are lots of educational opportunities for those interested in becoming members.

One of the current project is a Stitch Along which will last one year using Jean Hilton’s Puzzle Purse patterns to create our own creation, an adaptation of the original. Here is a photo of the book showing the original project designed by Jean Hilton.

Jean Hilton's Puzzle Purse

Through discussions we have already found many possibilities to adapt this design.

I have opted to make myself some bookends. Since I had already purchased them some time ago I thought it would be nice to have a way to use them and create something nice. As I am an avid book reader and so is my husband, they will be very useful and decorative at the same time. We have already decided where to put them once they are done (big grin).

Here is a photo of the bookends from Sudberry House.

Sudberry House

Sudberry House

That is all for today. I will be back with more details soon.

Pierrette =^..^=


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