When nature gets out of hand, stitching is put on the back burner

A few things have been happening in my stitching world lately, which have been derailing my routine!

Things have not been going all that well lately, and stitching problems are the least of them. First a series of bad storms that caused all kinds of problems, followed by a nasty insect bite that sent me to the doctor and pharmacist.

I live in the Deep South in the USA, more precisely in Tennessee and lately we have been having storms after storms, after storms,  with tornadoes’ warnings sent to us on and off.

On one of these storms, the wind was blowing so hard during a storm that almost everyone who had trees found themselves with at least one tree down. Even the very big ones did not escape that faith. I was watching the storm through my kitchen window and there was this wall of rain falling down, being pushed by the wind, a minute from one direction and the next coming from a different direction. Scary experience as you just never know what will happen next, like will a tree fall on the house, will the glass window hold, is a tornado around the corner, etc. 

I was looking at the newspapers this morning and there has been 342 deaths accounted for at this moment and these numbers will no doubt keep climbing in Alabama, which is the state bordering Tennessee to our South.

The counts are 254 people dead in Alabama, 34 in Tennessee, 33 in Mississippi, 15 in Georgia, 5 in Virginia and 1 in Kentucky.

Here is a link to the latest news about what happened to the Deep South states: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/04/30/severe.weather/index.html?hpt=T1

Apparently this is the worst episode of deadly storms in 90 years, the worst having happened on March 18, 1925 with 747 deaths. They did not have the sirene warnings back then like we do now so no doubt lots of lives have been saved this time around because of those warnings.

I came out ok out of all these storms, only to be taken down by an insect bite. A few days ago, after wakening up, I felt something wrong on the back of my neck, and discovered a big bump. I showed it to my husband as it was impossible for me to see exactly what it was. He said it was big,  swollen, all red with a yellow center. Obviously some insect had bitten me, but what? I endured it for a day and then the following day, it had remained about the same size, still very red and the yellowish substance was becoming bigger and bigger, so I decided to go see a doctor about it.

When the doctor saw it, she said that she had seen this before and she gave me a prescription to prevent/stop the infection and that it should be over in about a week’s time. I wish she could have told me the name of the insect, but she could not recall the name just at that moment and I did not press her on it. It was not a spider, she assured me.

Last evening by 7:30 I was already in bed, feeling very tired and woke up around the same time this morning.

So, my stitching has been put on the back burner for now, that is until I start feeling better and then I will go back to Trish’s Chinese flower painting project.

Until then, happy stitching!

Pierrette =^..^=


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8 Responses to When nature gets out of hand, stitching is put on the back burner

  1. terry says:

    So sorry that the bite turned into something so nasty that you had to go to the doctors and get some medication and hope that it works quickly and that it does not cause you too much pain and discomfort.

    Have been watching coverage on our TV and seeing the footage of the devisation that has been caused with the weather in the US makes you wonder what on earth is going on with the weather in the world. I cannot even begin to imagine the horrors that the people who have been hit by the tornados and storms and when they are so severe like the recent ones where do people go where they can be safe, and it puts all the worries etc that I have into a different light and they become minor in comparrison.

    It seems to me that there is no restbite as no sooner do things start to be on an even keel than up pops another awful bout of bad weather of which we have no control and then its either floods, hurricanes, tornados, eathquakes and a short while ago it was blizzards and severes snow fall and ice storms. Lets hope this is the end of this bout of bad weather worries and we can all relax and settle down to stitching etc in peace and quiet

  2. Moz says:

    My goodness, you have had a bad run of luck!
    Glad you are on the mend and will be stitching again soon.
    Love your work and your posts are very entertaining.
    From South Africa,

  3. Pam L says:

    Hope you are feeling better after the insect bite. Awful not knowing what it was.
    Relieved you did not suffer too much damage with the big storms.

    Have often wondered where about you lived and now I know! I am in South Africa.
    Looking forward to more about Trish’s Chinese flower.

  4. Barbara says:

    We here in Knoxville are still cleaning up debris … our rhododendrons and azaleas are absolutely shredded. 😦 So glad you were spared by the storm.

  5. Elmsley Rose says:

    Oh! Too much happening!
    I hope your bump is gone soon, as well as the storms 🙂

  6. Rachel says:

    Continuing rest clearly needed – hope the weather begins to let up because what we see on the news is hair-raising.

  7. Pam in the UK says:

    I hope you are recovering from the insect bite and feeling much better now – and able to get back to your stitching of Trish’s Chinese flower.

    Also I hope that the weather settles down – your written account of the storms really brought home to me how bad the weather can be for people who live in that area.

    Best wishes

    Pam in the UK

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