Florentine Fancywork has been framed & 4-Way Bargello Orchid has been inserted in a Sudberry trivet

 I have updated my Photoblog “My Stitching Gallery” with two finishes.

I had Florentine Fancywork come back from my framer, have taken a photograph and added it to my original post. This link will get you there. I think that the purple mat makes the whole project looking quite vibrant.

I have always love that shade of purple ever since I was a child. I remember when I was around 4 or 5 years old and my mother got me that lovely summer dress and it was a beautiful purple shade, close to the one used for that project. Oh, how I loved that dress and I remember feeling like a little princess each time I wore it.

Here is a photo of myself in that little purple dress. Now, you will have to use your imagination as unfortunately this is a black and white photo that my father took at the time but I can still see the colors vividly in my mind like it was just yesterday.

The second finishing is about a little project I stitched a while back called 4-way bargello orchid. It measures 6 inches by 6 inches and I found a trivet on the Sudberry House website which had those exact dimensions, so I bought it and used it for it.

These days I am getting a bit tired of having most of my projects framed and hanging on my walls. I am starting to have a space problem as there is just so many frames I can hang, without my walls becoming a gallery, though I must admit they are getting close to that stage, so lately I have been looking for alternative ways/sources to get the job done and hopefully get some practical use out of them. With a trivet, it is decorative and at the same time useful by putting things on it.

With my 4-way bargello orchid, I had little sections of the canvas that were not covered by stitches, so I needed to add some fabric underneath to make it look nice. I looked in my fabric stash and found just the right one. The color was just right, almost the same color as the canvas itself, so I cut a little piece of it and covered the board with it and added my canvas over it and I was about done.

If Sudberry would have had other color options for their trivets, I would probably have chosen a different color, but overall I think it looks allright.

With the glass reflection, again, I had a bit of trouble getting a decent photo, but managed to get a half decent one so that you can have an idea of what it looks like.

Those Sudberry wooden finishing products are relatively easy to use. The mounting instructions are provided with each one and anyone can do it and save a bit of money in the process.

Almost forgot to give you the link to this one too. Here it is.

A quick note to say that I have made my first ever blog available for public viewing again. At one point, at a time where I was quite exhausted and not feeling very well, I had stopped blogging and made my blog private. From time to time during that period I had added personal stuff. A lot of my friends were missing it and I thought it would be nice to reopen it again for viewing, so removed the private stuff from it and here it is again available for public viewing: LovetoStitch99 (the 99 at the end was just because I had to add this at the end if I wanted LovetoStitch, which I did).

Pierrette =^..^=


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6 Responses to Florentine Fancywork has been framed & 4-Way Bargello Orchid has been inserted in a Sudberry trivet

  1. Rachel says:

    Framing something as a picture is an easy solution, but there are only so many pictures you can hang on a wall – and only so many cushions a chair will take. The trivet finish is a great idea!

  2. terry says:

    a lovely and different way to showcase a project and the same as the Sudberry tea tray that you have used for another beautiful project, and I find the colour combinations of the different mauves, purples, violet and lavender shades so restful like my Twilight Angel

  3. terry says:

    I just love that photo of you when little in your beautiful dress and thought that it was just perfect to add to the CQ cushion cover that I made you as a memory cushion where I added lots of other family photos that I printed on to fabric and then embellished with some stitching, just been to my old blog that I had not used for some time but have now decided to start blogging again and under the Crazy Quilting section you can see your memory cushion in all its glory and still giving you happy memories when you go to sit back on your sofa and can see it

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