Little Bear Pincushion received as a gift from a dear friend of mine

My friend Terry, who happens to live in England, has recently started learning how to make teddy bears.

Terry has always loved teddy bears and one day she decided that she wanted to make a few for herself, family and friend(s). 

It just happened that this lady called Danni lives very close to her house. She got in touch with her and she was invited to go to her place for a couple of afternoons so that she could learn how to make them. How lucky can a person be? Danni has her own website called Barrel Bears where her teddy bears can be seen.

So far she has made 3 of them and this one (picture below) being the latest one. Before mailing it to me, she sent me a photo, probably just to get me salivating a bit while this little darling was on its way to me. It took about 8 to 9 days before this little one reached my front door, but it was well worth waiting for. It is so cute.

The one I just received though comes all the way from a website in Australia called Kympatti Bears where my friend purchased a kit.  She knows that I just love pincushions, so when she saw it, she thought it would be perfect for me ………… and it is 🙂

This little teddy bear comes to my life with a big job to do, which is to make my life simpler by keeping my needles safe.

Instead of searching all over for my needles I now have this new friend complete with its special pincushion attached to its front for me to use when stitching.

Thanks, Terry!

Pierrette =^..^=


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2 Responses to Little Bear Pincushion received as a gift from a dear friend of mine

  1. terry says:

    As soon as I found him I just thought it was perfect to add to your collection of pincushions and you do not have to be cruel and stick pins into Teddy as he has got a nice little cushion sitting on his tummy just for pins and needles

  2. Rachel says:

    He’s a delight – I’m sure you will enjoy seeing him sit on guard over your needles!

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