Cabaret for Anasazi Dream

Last week, my husband went to see our framer with Anasazi Dream in one hand and a big Sudberry cabaret in the other one to see if this could work out allright.

From the get go, I could see a couple of problems with this. First of all, this cabaret is very big and my canvas just barely made it on the long side and then there was the issue of having to add a spacer between my stitched piece and the glass because some of the stitches that I love so much have quite a bit of height to them.

Our framer managed more or less to take care of those matters. Now, my husband  has to do something with the hard backing of the cabaret, which normally just slide right back in the groove. This keep the cabaret rigid and strong enough to carry something in it.

We now can’t just slide it back in place like it originally was because the spacers have taken up too much room.

He will have to cut a little bit on two sides of it so that we can make it fit under the cabaret but still remains inside the four side bars of the cabaret (the back won’t be visible when looking at it as it will be hidden inside the four sides of the cabaret itself) and he will have to find something to hold it in place securely as this backing is relatively heavy in itself so it needs to be attached in such a way that it won’t just fall down the first time I put some glasses on it or something.

I am relatively sure that we can’t use nails for that so he will have to find something else that is strong enough to hold it securely to the upper part of the cabaret, so I am keeping my  fingers crossed that he can come up with a good plan to fix this.

I am including a photo showing the cabaret with Anasazi Dream. It was terribly difficult because of the glass reflecting everything in sight. I have managed to salvage a semi-decent photograph from the multitude I took. Sorry I could not manage anything better than that, but at least it gives you some idea of what it looks like.

Unfortunately Sudberry House  is not making these large cabarets anymore, which is too bad as they can be quite useful.

I will hopefully be back a bit later this week or beginning of next week to show you other things. In the meantime, have a great weekend! Hope the weather is better than what we are having over here: Rain and thunderstorms and colder temperatures 😦

Pierrette =^..^=


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8 Responses to Cabaret for Anasazi Dream

  1. Terry says:

    This is a really pretty looking tea tray and all you need is some dainty bone china cups and saucers and a plate of cakes for afternoon tea. The colour of the wood tones beautifully with the colours of the needlepoint

  2. Pam L says:

    I have been following your stitching world ever since I saw your name on the Trish Burr blog. I have been hoping to see something of the workshop you will be doing with her. I was under the impression it had already got under way but maybe am mistaken.
    What part of the world are you in; I am in Cape Town South Africa and have been lucky enough to have done a workshop with Trish and she is a member of the same Embroidery Guild that I am a member of. Your canvas work looks really great.


    • Pam,

      You are right, the class with Trish started on April 4 as that was the date that she came back from holidays.

      I have started working on it and sent her a message with a question and while waiting for Trish’s answer, I got involved with something else and now running a bit late with it.

      We do have one complete month for each lesson, so that does give me a bit of leeway though. When I write my first post about lesson 1, I will also include a photo which prompted me to ask Trish a question about what I was doing.

      I am French Canadian, being born in the province of Quebec but I am now residing in the USA in what they call the Deep South.

      Yes, you were lucky to be able to have a face to face class with Trish. That makes always things easier when you have the teacher with you.

      Pierrette =^..^=

  3. Cynthia Green says:

    I had to laugh as I read your post. I misread cabaret and thought it said cabarnet. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why your husband was bringing a bottle of wine to the framer with your beautiful piece.

    It is really beautiful. You did a wonderful job. And it looks wonderful in the cabaret.

    • Cynthia,

      You now made me laughed too.

      We could certainly put a good Cabernet bottle with glasses on my cabaret (big grin).

      I am trying more and more to find useful applications for my pieces as you can put just so many frames on your walls.

      Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Rachel says:

    We have a tray like this with a design embroidered by my grandmama – the only trouble is that it is too heavy to use!

    • Rachel,

      You are correct, it is relatively heavy. That is why I want to make sure that the base of the cabaret won’t fall on one of my foot, or both 😦

      Pierrette =^..^=

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