Anasazi Dream starting to take shape

The weather has been just dreary these past few days. After all this lovely weather that we have been having lately, this feels like taking a cold shower, not a very pleasant experience.

I have done additional work on Carole Lake’s Anasazi Dream since my last post and have taken a few photographs to show you my progress.

On this first photo, if you look both on the left side and right side, you will notice that on the left side, only the first 2 steps of the design has been completed and the right side has been completed. I have taken two additional close-up photos of those two sections.

On this next photo you can also see where I laid long rows of Kreinik braid across the canvas and then couching them.

This is the close-up of the non finished section which shows the two first steps: First step was laying one strand of #007 Kreinik in four rows, followed by couching them with tent stitches of the same color and then adding mosaic stitches with Elegance E825.

and the other close-up shows the finished section: Steps 3 and 4 using Kreinik 085 making upright crosses and ray stitches in the center section.

This close-up shows the little Jessicas done in Kreinik 007. They serve double functions, one being to hold the laid threads well in place and the other one to add a nice decorative touch.

These next 3 photo shows the work that has been done so far on this project. I have included a second photo taken from a different perspective and the last one is a close-up of Jean Hilton’s Double Fan stitch using 3 different threads.

I have done this stitch before, but each time I need to stop and think this stitch through. Carole’s instructions are quite good and the stitch is not difficult to make once you understand it correctly but these stitches can’t be rushed.

I really love all those Jean Hilton’s stitches and I have made sure to purchase her 3 books. They are as follows:

  • Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches
  • Jean Hilton’s Needlepoint Stitches
  • Jean Hilton’s Borderlines

I have purchased all mine at Stitches from the Heart, but you can probably find these books elsewhere too. The Double Fan, the Amadeus and the Jessica stitches used in this project can be found in Jean Hilton’s Stimulating Stitches.

Not long now before my two new cyberclasses start 🙂

That is all for now and wishing you a nice relaxing Sunday.

Pierrette =^..^=


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10 Responses to Anasazi Dream starting to take shape

  1. Elmsley Rose says:

    Looking fantastic! I love the different small stitches over and between the couched Kreinik.

  2. Rachel says:

    No, you don’t want to rush a stitch like that interlaced knot, do you. Well worth the effort, though, as it looks fabulous!

    • Hi Rachel,

      No, I do not. Moreover I am not a fast stitcher as I like to take whatever amount of time it takes to do it properly or at least I sure try to (big grin).

      I am almost done with this project as I have been burning the midnight oil lately. By tomorrow it will have been all stitched.

      Pierrette =^..^=

  3. Terry says:

    This is starting to take shape and looking lovely and the colour combination is working well, looking forwrd to seeing the future stages


    • Hey Terry,

      I am almost done with this project. I must have borrowed your bionic needles or something as I am not as fast a stitcher as you are and I also DO NOT multitask like you do. That has never ever worked for me, so I am not even trying.

      Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Jeanne says:

    Hi Pierrette!
    I’m just catching up on blog posts, and found out you started a new blog! Congratulations! (As you can see from my link, I’m working on moving mine – and it’s on WordPress, too. A bit more complicated than Blogger!)

    Anyway, I’m enjoying reading about your progress again. Great job on the double fan doubled. I think that’s my favorite of all of Jean Hilton’s stitches.

    • Thanks Jeanne! I guess I need to congratulate you too on your new blog (smiling).

      Yes, that is what I am also finding out by myself that Blogger is more consumer friendly than WordPress but it has advantages that Blogger does not have too so it is a trade off.

      I still need to put additional time to learn more about it though as all that I have right now are the basics. Will keep that for another day. I just read on your new blog that you have transfered all your Blogger postings. That must have been quite an undertaking. I still want to keep my other blog going though and keep it as a Photoblog only with relatively few chit chat. It will just have the basic details of the project and all the photos associated with it and I will add the link(s) to my new blog so that if someone wants to read more about the actual project they can do so and if they only want to see the photos then they stay on that blog.

      I am not sure which stitch I like best of Jean Hilton. They are all fun to do and they do make such a big statement on any piece.

      I do enjoy your blog tremendously too as most of the time you have projects that I could easily have selected to stitch myself, so I don’t have to do them, just watch you stitch them. Imagine of all the stitching time I am saving like that (giggling)

      Pierrette =^..^=

  5. Liz says:

    Beautiful Pierrette! Your stitching, as always, is superb! Are these Carole’s colors or did you change them?

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks you!

      Seeing you here makes me remember that I have some lovely designs of yours to stitch 🙂

      Yes, those are Carole’s colours. I very seldom change colors. It seems that when I am attracted to a project, I like the whole thing about it, design and colors, though there are exceptions of course.

      Pierrette =^..^=

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