Blackwork Love Bird

This is another cyberclass that I will soon be starting. It is called Blackwork Love Birds and is a Tanja Berlin design. The class is scheduled to start on April 5th.

I have taken many classes through Shining Needle Society and this is my latest one.

I have always enjoyed doing Blackwork, especially when it is not a purely geometric design, so when I saw this class being advertised on Shining Needle Society I just had to sign up for it. 

If you follow this link here, you will transported like by magic (big grin) to My Stitching Gallery where you can see the Blackwork projects I have done through the years. It won’t take long as I have only done a few.

Following the link myself reminds me that I still have Rapunzel to complete and I really should take it out again and work on it until it has been completed.

Marion Scoular has done some wonderful Blackwork designs and I love most of them too, the Princess and the Pea, being one of them. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself while stitching that project.

I remember that we even lost our air conditioning upstairs where my stitching room is located and I had to bring everything downstairs in order to be able to continue working on it. Of course the AC seems to always break during periods of extreme temperatures. It was only around 100 degrees farenheit and I was melting.

We had to replace the AC unit is located in the attic. It was so hot in there that the guys had to come out for air every 15 minutes or so, but they did manage to install it and make it work. It took hours and hours after that for the temperature inside to cool down enough to start being comfortable.

I was born in Canada and I remember that when the temperatures started hitting 75 degrees farenheit, I felt it was HOT so you can imagine how miserable I am during the summers where I currently live in the USA. A good thing that someone invented the air conditioning as without it, I would have died many times over.  I often wonder how people managed to cope with these extreme temperatures before AC.

Anyway, this is the photo of Tanja’s little love birds. I have just received the kit yesterday from Canada.

I have taken a second photo for you showing the kit that was included with the instructions. There will be a bit of goldwork with this project, which will make things interesting.

Sitting on the 32 count fabric there are 4 different Kreinik braids, Ver a Soie thread, YLI silk thread, DMC embroidery cotton, thread for the design transfer, thread for sewing down pearl purl, gilt very fine pearl purl, gilt spangles and 4 needles.

Tanja will be teaching us, amongst other things, how to transfer the design to our fabric and after that we will be ready for stitching the love birds.

I have stitched a few of her designs and have a few more kits at home waiting for me. If you visit Tanja’s website here you will see how versatile she is.

If you have a few additional minutes to spare, Tanja has two galleries that are very interesting to look at. The first one is her customer’s embroidery gallery and the second one is where you can see Tanja’s beautiful work.

I now need to start reading the Love Birds’ instructions as it won’t be too long before this class starts.

Wishing you a great day! It is shining here and the weather will probably be around 75 degrees farenheit today.

Pierrette =^..^=


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6 Responses to Blackwork Love Bird

  1. Terry says:

    Another delightful design from Tanya Berlin, good job you have got your magnifying lamp as blackwork on 32 count fabric would be a bit hard on the eyes without one. Looking forward to seeing some blackwork with goldwork included within the design


    • Terry,

      I am so used to using a Daylight magnifying light when stitching that I don’t think I could stitch without one anymore.

      It won’t be too long now before this cyberclass starts (April 5/11)

      Pierrette =^..^=

  2. threadmedley says:

    This is going to be a lovely project. I don’t I’ve ever seen a blackwork project like it before – with parts of it looking much more filled in than usual. I look forward to your progress on this.

  3. Elmsley Rose says:

    I’ve started to look through your Stitching Gallery blog- but I’ll have to set aside some time to go through it properly – lots of lovely work in there!

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