Trying to find my way around with WordPress blogging

Before I move on to my first project on this brand new blog, I would like to talk a bit about trying to find my way around here. By doing so, I am hoping that it will facilitate your finding things more easily too.

Blogging with WordPress and blogging with Google is a very different experience, to my great surprise. The way to set things up is quite different and also just the day to day blogging is new to me.

When I opened this blog with WordPress a few days ago, my initial thought was that it would be relatively easy for me to blog here since I have been blogging for so many years. I am getting a rude awakening as this is not the case at all. 

I have already spent hours trying to set up things with a rate of success that leaves a lot to be desired. 

I have not lost my time entirely though as I have found some interesting features with WordPress which I intend to take full advantage of in the coming days, weeks and perhaps months at the speed things are going.

One example of these special features is the number of “pages” you can have on your blog. If you look just under the photo header, you will see some TABS there: Home and About me. These two tabs  were already there. In the “About me” page, you can read a little bit about myself. I will probably add more later as time becomes available. 

To those two tabs,  I have just added three more: Library, Tutorials and Websites and will continue to add more tabs as the need arise.

On the Library tab, for example, I will write information about books used while working on my blogged projects and give a bit of information about each book. On the Tutorials page, I will add tutorials that I come across while searching the web so that we can easily find them when needed and on the Websites page I will add websites that I find interesting and useful. White writing this another page came to mind “Inspiration“. I can see lots of possibilities with this one too. As you can see this blog is only starting and things will continuously be added, so you may want to visit those pages from time to time to see what is up there of interest to you.

Other points of interest on this new blog. On the right side column, you will see Email Subscription. This feature may be of interest to you as after you have signed up, you will receive a message to let you know each time that my blog has been updated, so you won’t have to keep checking up to see if I have posted something or not.

Recent Post follows under Email Subscription and it tells you the name of each individual post.

Archives help you to select the post you want to read.

Blog Stats lets you and me know how many of you come visiting (big motivation factor for us, bloggers)

Categories will help you find things. Not much right now but that will soon change.

Bloggroll will help you check other bloggers site. Those will be blogs that I love to visit. For now there are only two blogs listed there: Thread Medley because Jan has been helping me to find my way around here and Trish Burr because I am taking her first online class which will start in April, 2011.

Pierrette’s blogs and photo albums where my stitched projects can be viewed.

Calendar which indicates which day this is. I often lost count when involved in “My Stitching World”

With this blog, the Comments option has been activated under each post and I welcome you to use it as much as you want. If you have suggestions, constructive criticism or just feel like leaving a little comment like saying “Hi”, that will be wonderful.

I think that I have covered everything about how this blog operates. After reading this, you will know your way around this blog just as well as I do, which is perhaps not saying that much at this time since I still need Jan to enlighten me from time to time.

Now, I promise that my next post will be about stitching, but I thought it was important to cover this before proceeding any further.

I am now going to leave you and wish you all a wonderful day!

Pierrette =^..^=


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Love to stitch, read, listen to music, hike
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6 Responses to Trying to find my way around with WordPress blogging

  1. Pierrette,
    Things are looking great! Looking forward to that first project on the blog.

  2. Terry says:

    Its coming along well and makes a change to Blogger so hope it does not take up too much of your valuable stitching time and looking forward to seeing how your new project is progressing as its sounds just so pretty as well as being cute and dainty


  3. Thanks, Terry.

    Starting a new blog with a different blogging company and trying to find your way around it does take a lot of time at first, but as soon as it becomes familiar to me then hopefully things should settle down a bit.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Lyn Warner says:

    I found your experience of your new blog interesting. I have just started blogging on Blogger and am still getting to know my way around on it. I have found that people wanting to comment on the blog are largely unsuccessful in registering their comments and wondered whether you had a similar experience. My blog address is

  5. Lyn,

    I have blogged extensively on Blogger (Google) and never had that problem when my comments section had been activated and the reason was that anyone could post a comment without restrictions of any sorts.

    I have to say that often when I went on other blogs and wanted to post a comment, life got very difficult and I needed to be extremely persistent in order to do so. I must confess that many times I just gave up out of pure frustration and left without posting any comment.

    I am keeping the Post Comment as easy as possible for anyone who wishes to comment on this blog as I feel that I can always remove any inapropriate comment(s) from my blog at a later time if that becomes necessary. I have found through the years that it is rarely necessary to do so.

    Hope this helps!

    Pierrette =^..^=

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